dinsdag 23 maart 2010

under the stone there's a stone-fish

(the top is from SPS. Trying to channel cute 1930s beauty ads and failing miserably, haha)
Good things today:
♥ Today was the first day it was warm enough to sit outside a cafe to have drinks. 
Oh, I'm sorry about all this spring ranting, does it make me seem some kind of season-obsessed freak? I'm just overly excited that I seem to have survived winter again (I don't know how I always do that) and that my nose was burnt red by the sun today (my nose burns very quickly, I'm not sure why), which is always a good sign.
 I bought two H&M blazers (the €10 off-thing they have right now is great)...

...and I still have enough money left to shop outrageously in London, buying as many sun dresses and cute shoes as I can find, starting... wow, already the day after tomorrow!

♥ I'm in love with this song, End of May by Keren Ann:

♥ I'm done with exam week and therefore have an ocean of free time stretching out in front of me. 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the picture! how did you edit it, its fabulous!!! I am going to be in london this week , although I live just outside new york city! any shops you would recommend?

  2. I also want an ocean of free time! The sun invites me out but I got to make homework.

    En je foto is echt heel mooi!

    ♥ dontlookinthecamera.blogspot.com

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
    Good, goood job on this one!

    love, rudi