donderdag 16 september 2010

the autumn leaves will all be falling soon

The beautiful flowers
Will all fade away
The streams will all freeze and
The fields turn to gray

The frogs all will slumber

The birds will take flight
And winter's cold wonder
Will bid us goodnight

As the sun starts to set and
The leaves start to change

The autumn leaves will all be falling soon
And then winter will come in for the kill

For tonight is the last night of summer
My love
Of the summer
Of love

Excerpt from: Karen Elson - Lunasa

Behold: my autumn dress. I bought it in Paris last summer, but had to wait for the time when the summer sun wouldn't clash horribly with the autumn leaves on the fabric. I paired it up with an ancient H&M blouse, stockings from a Swedish store and a gold vintage belt that happens to match the charming leaf detail on the dress' shoulder straps:
See how adorable?

dinsdag 7 september 2010

il pleut, c'est malheureux, il pleut

I feel like I'm continuously neglecting my poor little blog - my last post is more than a week old, again! It's just been so, so crazy lately. Uni started this week, and last week was the introduction: five days of nonstop running around Amsterdam, going out, sleeping little, eating bad. I did make some lovely friends that do the same course as me - only to find out when the lessons actually started, that I wasn't in a class with any of them. Imagine me waiting in front of the classroom, with high heels, red lipstick and a floral dress, everybody seeming to know everybody and chattering away while I'm uncomfortably staring into space. Yeah, sometimes I'm still a ten-year-old socially awkward geek. It's bound to become more fun, though; uni life means LOADS of free time, only having to study subjects you're actually interested in (I truly get a kick out of English Grammar and Vocabulary! Here comes the nerd again) and - hopefully - spending a lot of time in my favourite city in the Netherlands. Hopefully, because I'm still desperately seeking a room and until I find anything, I'll have to travel by train every day.
Oh btw, sorry for the graininess of the pictures - they were meant to be a bit Ellen von Unwerth-like but turned out looking more like bad cameraphone pics. I really love this dress though, it's all dark-blue polka dotted vintage dreaminess and I feel like a sexy sixties vixen whenever I wear it, mainly because it has a split all the way up on my left leg so my leg sort of peeps out when I walk. It makes me feel like Jessica Rabbit:

That was all for today. I hope I'll find more time to blog soon, once everything is a bit more settled!