donderdag 22 juli 2010

little red riding hood

I finally got around to photographing my new jacket, sent to me by Sophia over at Skie Pies, in a real Swedish setting! Granted, I saw woods here that were about a hundred times more stunning than this one, but this was only a two minute walk from the house. I did get a few weird looks from the locals as I was strutting past with my tripod and red lipstick on, but okay. I'm leaving for Denmark tomorrow and I'm a bit sad to leave this amazing country. For people who are Swedish, my gushy love for their country must sound a bit overdone - I'm always a bit suspicious when tourists declare their undying love for the Netherlands, mostly because their love seems to be based solely on the idea that Holland is an utterly free country filled with slutty girls, pot and tulips, which is quite untrue - but the combination of the gorgeous nature (with "watch out for reindeers/mooses/deer/boars"-signs every few miles on the side of the road - I even saw a perfect Bambi crossing the road yesterday, which you never get to see where I live, so I found it quite magical), the beautiful Pippi-houses at every step, and the awesome cities with lots of stores that can make me do little dances, and the oh-so cute language (which I'll hopefully do a minor in at University sometime!) makes it seem like Sweden is tailor-made for me.

Jacket - won at Sophia's giveaway. Dress - Zara (ancient collection). Socks and shoes - River Island.

maandag 19 juli 2010

curiouser and curiouser

I'm still in Sweden, but I have absolutely nothing interesting to tell - which, I think, means I'm having a very relaxing holiday! There are still trips to Göteborg and København (the Danish spelling is so much better than the Dutch/English ones!) on the agenda, so if anyone has tips on what to visit in these cities, please do share! I did do some shopping, including this dress - my mum said she thought it was very Alice in Wonderland, so that was the base for these photos.

woensdag 14 juli 2010

hej hej!

tee from maison scotch, belt from primark, red skirt from zara, floral skirt from mango, bag from river island
 So, I'm in Sweden now and it's absolutely fantastic! It's maybe to soon to say it but Sweden might just be my favourite country in the world. It's so much like the Netherlands that I immediately feel at home, but it's foreign enough to make me feel like I'm on a vacation. We're staying at a friend's house which is to be made into a bed&breakfast, but it's only half-finished, which makes for a funny mix of old and new. The closest town is Helsingborg ('close' means something quite different here than at home; here, it means that it's forty-five minutes away) and although it's quite a small town, I really love it. The language is even more fantastic than I thought, the Swedish are so helpful (like when you don't understand the cash machine) and in my opinion, they're also way more attractive then at home. And the shops, oh, the shops... The house and surroundings form a perfect backdrop for outfit photos, the neighbouring house is from 1870 and falling apart, but beautifully so. But first, a picture made in the room where I sleep, where the wallpaper and the green chair made a combo too perfect not to use!

woensdag 7 juli 2010

it's my life, don't you forget

no doubt - it's my life
 I can keep apologizing for what an awful blogger I've been lately, but it's true! It seems like everything's changing. I turned eighteen a week ago, which means I'm supposed to be an adult now, (or at least responsible for my life in most ways), I officially graduated high school yesterday, I'll be starting university in a few short months, and I'll be moving to a different town. Even my horoscope says everything's going to change, haha! I just came back from Paris and I have a TON of pictures to show you guys and just no time to post them! Fortunately I'm going to Sweden next week, so I'll have plenty of time to slow down and be creative in some way again.

When I got home today, a package was waiting for me on the table:
It was my present from the Little Red Riding Hood giveaway I on over at the lovely Sophia's blog! I literally squealed when I opened it.
Inside was the cutest jacket I have ever, ever seen. Just see for yourself.
It's so so so adorable! Thank you Sophia! You must visit her blog, she's incredible. I have already exactly in mind how I'll style the jacket, but I feel like I must do its perfect fairytaleness justice, and what is a more fitting backdrop than the Swedish woods?