dinsdag 28 december 2010

snow and a blue cape

Hello dears, I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and are currently enjoying some well-deserved days off. I'm finally done with end-of-term finals, and I had the most perfect Christmas, with presents and all. It's still very cold and quite snowy, so I'm constantly wearing my new cape - it's fleece-lined and very warm when paired with this cardigan (layers, layers!)

O, and this is a terrific song.

pomplamoose - telephone (lady gaga cover)

dinsdag 21 december 2010

no winter extravaganza

Hello my dears! I apologise for the absolutely terrible lack of updates here.

What I've been up to in the past weeks:

- Studying for finals (what do you call them in English once you're at university?) like the nerd I am. I even get really stressed out by them, resulting in lack of sleep and loads of disgruntled behaviour

- Ploughing through a massive blanket of snow that, while making Amsterdam very pretty, is responsible for a crazy amount of delays in public transport, and making it fairly impossible to go anywhere by bicycle without slipping.

- Taking up the rather ambitious plan to start a blog with longer stories, in Dutch, which is not about style (shocking, yes)

- Finding that going to an Amsterdam club called the Melkweg ('the Milkyway') when it has a theme that, surprisingly, tells us to go ahead and 'Kill All Hipsters', is a very nice thing to do on a Saturday night.

- Eating inordinate amounts of chocolate (whether or not in liquid form), cookies, sandwiches, and many other things. Which is all good because it's nearly Christmas.

- Participating in the largest student demonstration that Amsterdam has seen since the 1970s. Pictures here. It was so very, very awesome.

- Spending faar too much time on Facebook.

What I have not been up to these past few weeks:

- Make blog photos.

- Put up a Christmas tree.

- Go to cool holiday parties that require me to wear sparkly dresses.

I'm so out of it! Anyway, expect improvement soon, as I have five WEEKS of Christmas holidays. FIVE. So I'll have no excuse for not making posts then :)

Wish me luck for my next few exams and see you soon!

photo by me.

woensdag 8 december 2010

Then I'll float to you, my darling, with the evening on my tail

 It's so disgustingly beautiful and wintery outside with all the snow, it's killing me! I want to go outside and make a snowman with a carrot nose! But well, being tucked up under a pile of blankets with my laptop isn't that bad either, even if it is for doing homework. This is a picture I made of the Westerpark yesterday, with my cellphone (so not the best quality):

Enough to put me in full-blown Christmas mode! I even put up a mini-Christmas tree. Anyway. In these pictures I'm wearing a Zara dress, which unfortunately gets packed under at least three jumpers whenever I venture outside. I'm in love with the pattern and the collar! The pendant is actually an old brooch.

maandag 6 december 2010

i get misty

ella fitzgerald - misty

It's stopped being so darn cold outside, but now the fog comes creeping in - and I love it. It looks so dreamy and fairytale-like! This is what it looks like in front of my window:

zaterdag 4 december 2010

now that I know, the way it goes

devendra banhart - now that i know

It's so snowy outside! I bravely ploughed through the 10cm layer of snow today to go buy absolutely necessary things like shampoo and christmas decorations, and I will never doubt the functionality of fur coats again (though I still feel a tiny bit like a Russian hooker when I'm wearing one). I must go out soon to make pictures against a perfect snowy backdrop, but for now I just really want to share this AMAZING spread in British Vogue. Every image depicts a different star sign, in the most beautiful interpretation of the zodiac I've ever seen. And how great would it be if they made this into a 2011 calendar?! This Devendra Banhart song I'm currently addicted to goes perfectly with it, I think.

btw; making monthly playlists is my newest obsession. Click here for my November and October mixes (and also for my fondness of using 'a tad' in my descriptions). A December-playlist will be up soon as well.