maandag 15 maart 2010

i am the queen and you are the king, it's only natural for us to spend the night

I found this leather bag at a flee market for €5,- and when I visited Laura Dols (a famous vintage store in Amsterdam) this weekend I saw that they sell old leather purses for up to 30 euros there. The ones they sold there were in quite bad condition and most of the time they're not even that old, more like someone's grandma's leftover handbag from the nineties. There's so much more fun in finding a hidden treasure somewhere in a flee market, thrift store or Salvation Army than to find something at a vintage store that you know is worth a fraction of the price you're paying and was hand-picked by someone else.

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful bag! Yes I agree it feels amazing to find something unique and truly old. It is so much more rewarding when you have gone through so much trouble to find it
    I love your blog, feel free to check mine out
    <3 sarah

  2. how do you get yourself on bloglovin???

  3. It's really easy! You register on, go to Account > Your blog and then you click on "Claim blog". You get a code that you have to copy and paste somewhere on your site, and then you've 'claimed' it and people can follow you!

  4. just stumbled upon your blog. It's lovely ^^

    that's a great purchase. the bag is so cute!

    xxx kissmequick