maandag 15 maart 2010

eiffel tower necklace

Eiffel tower necklace from Six. It was sort of against my principles to buy it because one of my friends has been wearing a miniature Tour Eiffel around her neck for ages, but then I saw that it has a key and a bird and a little pearl on it so I just couldn't resist.

It's exam week, the last one before the finals, and so right now my life is mostly a lot of studying, eating and sleeping. I did have a very nice weekend, but somehow that makes it even harder to focus on math and French? By the way, I never thought I'd need to memorize "Quelle belle combination de ski!" or "Ne me touche pas, ça va un peu trop vite!" for school - they've decided to test our knowledge of French by role-playing and one of the situations will be Rendez-vous avec un inconnu, in other words, a blind date, in which I will have to talk to a teacher and tell them their ski gear/car/dancing is so nice and whether they'd like to have another drink with me. I'll bet it will be one of the awkwardest things I've ever done. 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha, ik zag deze entry gisteren en vannacht heb ik -I don't know why- over dit kettinkje gedroomd. Haha!

  2. Ghehe dat is maf! :) Wat droomde je?

  3. kan ik me niet meer herinneren :( maar iig iets met dat kettinkje, dat ik het ergens had, of ging halen? geen idee! XD