vrijdag 5 maart 2010

miss, why are you wearing a bubble?


What better season to start a new blog than spring? When the sun starts shining, it's like everything suddenly has come alive; all of the colors are much more vivid, you hear birds sing all the time (why don't you ever hear birds sing in winter? Do they just shut up when it's cold? I can't say I blame them) and you abruptly realize you're in dire need of a lot of new stuff.. So I've spent this month's entire paycheck (oops) on clothes. I can't say I found most shops very attractive; all we have here are high street shops and, apart from H&M, everything feels much the same as what I saw last year, and the year before that. I did find some great things though, the first of which you can see above. The lace shirt I found at Superstar, at a discount from €50,- to €15,-; I can't imagine why nobody wanted it, it's a lovely shade of mint green. The tights came in a two-pack with the polka dotted ones I was getting, so I never even meant to buy them, but I actually like them a lot. The bubble skirt is an "old" (old being last winter) favourite - I wear it quite a lot - and the shoes. Oh, the shoes. They're ankle boots with quite high heels and I found them at a store called Tango, that I normally find too tacky. I love them -I will do another post on them, to give them the attention they deserve.

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