dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

She'll come, she'll go. She'll lay belief on you

david bowie - lady grinning soul

This is my new(ish) dress, from H&M, where I guess they're already doing the christmas line? Anyway, I photographed this while I should have been studying thousands of English of words and loads of theories about argumentation... do you see the procrastination-guilt in my eyes? I'm also wearing my new shoes, which I bought in a (otherwise horrendous) little Amsterdam shop for only €25. They're furry on the inside, which my constantly cold feet love, and they can be worn with the flaps up or down. I believe I'm in love.


12 opmerkingen:

  1. you, my dear, are absolutely gorgeous! xxxx

  2. yeah, you are really gorgeous and I especially like the last picture :)

  3. lovely dress..


  4. cute dress! You are amazing! I see the guilt in your eyes! :D

  5. Is your dress made of lace? I love it!!!
    And I love shoes with a fur inside :) I've got a pair, too ;)

  6. I wanted to let you know I changed my blogs URL
    Beautifull pictures by the way!^^

  7. You look so beautiful..I love that dress...Awww sweet!
    Kisses my dear

    Ps: I am hosting a ban.do headband GIVEAWAY today! Please, join in!

  8. bloemetjes gehad?
    fijn jurkje!
    kus - mama ;-)

  9. So pretty! My feet are always cold too haha! I need some shoes like those, and I definitely need to go to H&M and see what they have that's new!

  10. Mmm ik herken dit:P
    Anyway over mijn style waar we het vanmiddag over hadden: http://bloomingvogue.blogspot.com/
    Alles wat zij draagt zou ik ook kunnen aantrekken hihi.

  11. Supermooi jurkje! ik zal eens een kijkje moeten gaan nemen naar die kerstcollectie ;)ik zag dat ik je nog niet volgde... bij deze dus wel! liefs

  12. pretty dress; love the lace with the stockings.