zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Hi, I love Amsterdam

I'm sorry for yet another blogging hiatus, but I've got absolutely awesome news - as of now, I'm officially a citizen of the lovely town of Amsterdam! I have a room with its own bathroom and kitchen, which just about equals the Holy Grail of Student Housing here, and after I'd signed the contract on Thursday, me and my mum immediately started working to make the grim, grease-stained room into a liveable environment. This is how the room looked when I first entered it:

Pretty huge! And a view that's absolutely unique in Amsterdam. But also, which you can't really tell from the pictures, GROSS. On the right wall, there was a big brown stain, about two metres long; two other huge stains were right about where the bed might've been (I'm guessing someones greasy hair made them over time? Ew.), and the kitchen was splattered with months-old baking grease. We kept finding droplets of fat everywhere - a good-bye present from the previous owner? - and we spent a whole day trying to cover up the stains with white paint.

Here you can see which colour I chose for the walls.
 Here's my mum, busily trying to scrub away all the stains on the kitchen wall.

After all the stains were covered up and the grease splatters were all removed, it was time for a trip to IKEA. We bought so much stuff, I still have no idea how we all got it inside the car.
Then the walls were painted pink, and I was given the tedious task of trying to comprehend IKEA manuals...
Which worked out just about fine. All the furniture was put randomly inside the room at first, but after a while, a real arrangement was starting to form.
And here's how it looks right now, as I'm typing this:
As you can see, I chose seperate colours for the living area and the kitchen, to really try and make them two seperate parts. After a collection of my own old ánd new junk (for example, the table and chairs are very old) was added, the place really started to feel like home, although the walls are still in dire need of some pictures - but all in time! I'm really happy to be living on my own for the first time, and I already had a few nice evenings in my place. I'm ready to start 'fashion blogging' more regularly again, so stay tuned! Have a very nice weekend dears!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks great!! I really love the colour in your bedroom ^^ Its so cute =)

    Lots of love, Lisette

  2. Hi Kim :)

    I loved reading this post! So nice how you made the emptiness into a lovely home.

    I'm wishing you the sweetest time in those new walls. May they be the beginning of the best time of your life!!!

    P.S. Now I can't wait to come for a visit!!! ;D

  3. what an amazing makeover! oh, i want to move by myself too ; (

  4. It looks so great afterwards! Definitely worth the time!

  5. It looks really lovely! Colours are great.
    I wish you all the best in new home :)

  6. Wow! great job!
    I love above all the color of the kitchen and your pillow!

  7. So cozy! You have a domestic quality that I can never hope to obtain :-). You should be a mother! Apt. Is adorable! So lucky you LIVE in Amsterdam! I have only been once :-(

  8. wauw, echt, het ziet er echt super gezellig en leuk uit!

  9. What a transformation!!!! Congratulations, you're going to love living there! Beautiful colours choices! <3

  10. Wat heb je een superleuke kamer Kim! ik kom wel eens langs om een kopje thee te doen goed? echt superschattig, en GROOT ! ! Liefs, Iki(nog steeds op het Jan Arentsz zich aan het vervelen. )

  11. How exciting, darling!

    I am sure it was a bit of work to get it nice but it was well worth it. I love the colour of pink you chose...and it all looks adorable!

    I bet it's exciting to have your own place. :)


  12. Gefeliciteerd met je stekje! Het ziet er echt reuze gezellig uit dan eerst.

  13. so cuuuute :)! ik weet precies hoe je je voelt.. de muren in mijn nieuwe apartement hadden 3 lagen latex nodig omdat de vorige bewoner alles zo vies had achtergelaten!
    waar heb je die kussentjes met die vogel erop vandaan & die groene broodrooster? I love theeem! ik heb een waterkoker in precies dezelfde kleur haha :)

  14. I love Amsterdam too! I can't get over what an amazing job you did transforming the place. I am in the process of doing a few things at our house too. It sure takes a lot of time thus the very long break I'm taking from blogging.