dinsdag 2 november 2010

and thus we create dreams

It's november! Which marks the start of the festive part of winter (everything pre-New Year's Eve), full of candlelight, lots of good food, snow and ice and knitted jumpers, as opposed to the depressing part of winter (January till March), in which I want nothing more than to hole up in bed with a stack of books - I accidentally wrote 'booze', which is equally effective - until my winter depression is over. But to celebrate the fact that it's now officially time to embrace the cold, here is what currently inspires me - not specifically winter-related: red hair, illustrations, lingerie, strolls outside, knitwork, beautiful girls, vintage-inspired interiors...

 emma watson by ellen von unwerth


note: I'm absolutely terrible at recording image's sources, so if there's in image here that belongs to you, please let me know and I'll put up a caption!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely photos...so inspiring...


  2. I love these pictures!!! Great selection. Christmas in the Netherlands always makes me think of oliebollen! <3


  3. love this post!
    Thanks for sharing <3

    Lots of love, Lisette

  4. AMAZING inspiration! I love that pic of Savy! Her hair and costume and the little heart on her cheek are so CUTE!!!

  5. Thanks for posting me as your inspiration! You are so sweet! :)

  6. Very inspiring post!