donderdag 16 september 2010

the autumn leaves will all be falling soon

The beautiful flowers
Will all fade away
The streams will all freeze and
The fields turn to gray

The frogs all will slumber

The birds will take flight
And winter's cold wonder
Will bid us goodnight

As the sun starts to set and
The leaves start to change

The autumn leaves will all be falling soon
And then winter will come in for the kill

For tonight is the last night of summer
My love
Of the summer
Of love

Excerpt from: Karen Elson - Lunasa

Behold: my autumn dress. I bought it in Paris last summer, but had to wait for the time when the summer sun wouldn't clash horribly with the autumn leaves on the fabric. I paired it up with an ancient H&M blouse, stockings from a Swedish store and a gold vintage belt that happens to match the charming leaf detail on the dress' shoulder straps:
See how adorable?

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  1. That dress is so beautiful, I love the pattern, and you look really nice in it!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Ah the fabric of your dress is perfect. I absolutely love unique patterns. And the gold adds such a perfect fall touch. Seriously incredible <3

  3. That dres is beautiful! I love it! I want it!

  4. Prachtig mooi jurkje! Nu krijg ik erg veel zin in de herfst :D Liefs

  5. Mooie print! Ik krijg al herfstkriebels ^^
    en I love the shoes!

  6. that dress's super sweet!
    do you play the piano? that's sweet x2!

  7. What an adorable fall outfit! Thank you so much for commenting and following my blog.

    Best Wishes,
    Erika X

  8. Aww, what a cute dress, darling! :)

    I am loving your blog and following--thanks for following mine and Erika's! I hope we can be "blog buddies." ;)

    Annnd, your house is adorable! I love the style of it--it looks like how mine would be.

    AND, since you mentioned Harry Potter in the comment--Harry Potter=the best. :)


  9. I love the dress, and it looks great with the blouse. Perfect for fall!

  10. i love this look so much! the pattern really is perfect for autumn (:

  11. Oh what an amazing dress for fall.
    I love it with the stockings!

  12. thanks for your comment :) but omg, no karlie kloss?! watch the bit with the fashions night out thing. she's handing out name cards and at one point, georgina walks straight past her!

    love your outfit, beautiful as always!

    Vintage Stop at

  13. Stupendous post! I too am longing for fall, for cable knits and foggy mornings by the sea.

    following your blog now, via bloglovin :)

    ♡ Aria

  14. I love this dress :) And your wardrobe, too :)

  15. love your style + photos you have on this blog!

  16. I love your dress, so pretty..

    now I'm following your blog.

  17. I was just about to ask where this was from - I adore the autumnal print, really gorgeous! The UK retailers seem to stick with one type of print when they find one which sells ,eg breton, but I am faaaar more interested in ones like these. Really lovely jazzy ♥