woensdag 8 december 2010

Then I'll float to you, my darling, with the evening on my tail

 It's so disgustingly beautiful and wintery outside with all the snow, it's killing me! I want to go outside and make a snowman with a carrot nose! But well, being tucked up under a pile of blankets with my laptop isn't that bad either, even if it is for doing homework. This is a picture I made of the Westerpark yesterday, with my cellphone (so not the best quality):

Enough to put me in full-blown Christmas mode! I even put up a mini-Christmas tree. Anyway. In these pictures I'm wearing a Zara dress, which unfortunately gets packed under at least three jumpers whenever I venture outside. I'm in love with the pattern and the collar! The pendant is actually an old brooch.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Very beautiful wintery pictures!!! We have so much snow as well :). I love your outfit, the hat is a great touch :). <3


  2. i love the dress, hat and youre eye-make-up! :)

  3. adore your dress and necklace.. very lovely!


  4. I love the pattern of your dress, and the peter pan collar is adorable!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. the dress and the hat are a perfect team. I love them together. This snow-covered bike in your photo is absolutely beautiful. Winter landscapes always look so surreal it's crazy.

    love, kimi

  6. Argh! I though I had commented! I hate it when I do that :-) This dress is adorable! You have such a simple elegance about you :-) I could never pull that off! It just isn't who I am. I have to be busy, complex and crafty. About your scarf- I am sure it wasn't terrible! And even if it were my first knitted item was a misshapen, holey, lump of a scarf as well. You'll get better :-) Perhaps I will make you something one of these days. :-)

  7. such a cute outfit. i need a hat like that

  8. completely lovely dress, the collar is so pretty as is the print. that snow photo is lovely too. cute blog
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  9. Wah Kim!
    Ik heb net een blog gemaakt, wat betekent dat ik ongestoord kan reageren op de jouwe. Oftewel, dat ik nu ook digitaal kan zeggen hoe fijn ik dit jurkje vind. Oh. En omdat je dit hoort te doen als blogmeisje:

  10. i love your outfit. the dress is pretty :)
    Nice blog!
    Nat xoxo
    following you. hopefully you can follow back? :)