dinsdag 21 december 2010

no winter extravaganza

Hello my dears! I apologise for the absolutely terrible lack of updates here.

What I've been up to in the past weeks:

- Studying for finals (what do you call them in English once you're at university?) like the nerd I am. I even get really stressed out by them, resulting in lack of sleep and loads of disgruntled behaviour

- Ploughing through a massive blanket of snow that, while making Amsterdam very pretty, is responsible for a crazy amount of delays in public transport, and making it fairly impossible to go anywhere by bicycle without slipping.

- Taking up the rather ambitious plan to start a blog with longer stories, in Dutch, which is not about style (shocking, yes)

- Finding that going to an Amsterdam club called the Melkweg ('the Milkyway') when it has a theme that, surprisingly, tells us to go ahead and 'Kill All Hipsters', is a very nice thing to do on a Saturday night.

- Eating inordinate amounts of chocolate (whether or not in liquid form), cookies, sandwiches, and many other things. Which is all good because it's nearly Christmas.

- Participating in the largest student demonstration that Amsterdam has seen since the 1970s. Pictures here. It was so very, very awesome.

- Spending faar too much time on Facebook.

What I have not been up to these past few weeks:

- Make blog photos.

- Put up a Christmas tree.

- Go to cool holiday parties that require me to wear sparkly dresses.

I'm so out of it! Anyway, expect improvement soon, as I have five WEEKS of Christmas holidays. FIVE. So I'll have no excuse for not making posts then :)

Wish me luck for my next few exams and see you soon!

photo by me.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. They are called finals at american universities too! And I feel the same way, I spent 50 hours in the art studio working on my art final!
    Ihave been so bad about blogging but am trying to get back into it now

  2. you have a lovely blog! hope you had a fab christmas!




  3. ah hoop dat je een mooie kerst had gehad. en ja, was 'kill all hipsters' leuk? ik wilde er echt graag heen maar ik moest naar een eindgala (wat ook wel leuk was, haha).

  4. Dankje, jij ook een gelukkig nieuwjaar :p Ik heb Three cups of tea en The corrections (van Jonathan Franzen) gekregen :) Geweldige parka!