dinsdag 1 juni 2010

why is a raven like a writing desk?

bebel gilberto - tanto tempo

ALICE IN WONDERLAND T-SHIRT (Truly Madly Deeply via Zipper), TULLE SKIRT (H&M), random TIGHTS with a hole in them (oops), OVERKNEES WITH LITTLE BOWS (River Island)

I went on a shopping trip to Amsterdam with a friend, and it was absolutely great. It's so nice to go shopping with someone who likes clothes as much as you do, and can keep it up for as long as you can (we walked for, I don't know, seven hours straight?), and makes the same squeals when faced with a gorgeous piece of clothing - in other words, who is as much a shopaholic as you are. We had to walk through a thunderstorm, with the rain pouring down and our umbrellas flipping over all the time, which actually felt quite adventurous. We both found our perfect prom outfits - I'm not going to tell what they look like yet, of course; got to keep that element of surprise, right?

I also found the Alice in Wonderland shirt shown above, which I love because Alice has always been one of my favourite books (I read it so many times when I was little, and I still pick it up now and again). The print features one of the original Alice illustrations by John Tenniel, which I did some googling on and have quite an interesting story behind them (you can read a little bit about it here).

I also found these shoes. Actually, Vera found them, in this great vintage shop in Amsterdam called Laura Dols (if you visit Amsterdam and are into ballgowns, chique accessories, and quirky stuff, you have to go there) but they were my size. They're a bit odd, very Mary Poppins and I love the color:

(The stripey shirt and tights are H&M and I borrowed the tutu skirt from my sister - she found it in the H&M children's section.) 

In completely unrelated news: I'm done with finals (yay!) so Summer holidays have officially started, and my hair is already turning blonder:

That's all for now! I'll update with my prom outfit in two days. I hope you have a very, very nice week!

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  1. Stunning!!! Oh Kim, you look stunning!!! Loving your blonde hair. Is it your natural hair colour?

    Loving your unique outfit and gosh, you booties!!! <3

    I barely need to visit Amsterdam in the next time, maybe in summer after I've finished my exams. I've never been in Amsterdam, only in Den Haag and I loved it there.

    Enjoy the beginning of your summer holidays =) Can't wait to see the prom dress ...

  2. Omg,I am in love with your ruffled skirt and the color of those shoes is gorgeous.I know,going shopping with a fellow shopaholic could be so much fun that you don't even notice the heavy rain or wind.

  3. congrats! the tee look lovely and sweet!

  4. Wauw, mooie outfit, dat t-shirt is geweldig! Why is a raven like a writing desk? Haha, Madhatter :)
    Dankje, ja het is echt super jammer dat Ellegirl gestopt is! Ik hoop ook dat er een nieuwe versie van komt...

  5. omg your skirt and tights and socks and shoes are <3
    i so bad want that modcloth bathing suit! ahhhh, really love it.
    unfortunately, i haven't finished my exams :( three more long weeks to go but i can't wait until ive finished mine! so far they've gone alright, you?
    hope your prom goes well too, so far, we don't have enough money for music, food or drinks so i thikn we're just going ot have to stnad there and chat! :///
    sorry, long comment :)

  6. Beautiful pictures, I love your outfit, and your hair looks so nice!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. you are sooo wonderful on the last picture..

  8. o my goodness !!!
    This is amazing ! I love your outfit posts!

    thanks for your comment, i'll be back :)


  9. Those shoes are just too amazing. I am completely jealous. If I ever go to Amsterdam I will surely stop there.


  10. love the photos!
    and the shoes!!

    kisses from greece

  11. Adorable outfit, love the heart detailing on your socks. Can't wait for you prom outfit, my proms in a few weeks as well !

  12. i adore the color of the shoes. so gorgeous!

    xo Alison

  13. Ough!
    Those shoes are so beautiful!
    So unique and striking in color.

  14. Awesome outfit and I love your pictures! Is that your room? If so its way cool.

  15. Kim, why are you so stunning!? Shopping in Amsterdam must have been so much fun. Looking at your pictures, looks like you found so many cute things! Those shoes!? My goodness, what a good find. I need to find shoes like that...how adorable. The color is my favorite. Congratulations on finishing your finals. Enjoy every second of your summer.

    Jada :]


  16. love this, as you may or may not know I am an alice fanatic ( infact I played her in a play once) i also love crinolines,so I just adore this outfit!!

  17. Your ombre hair looks amazing, sweetie! And your outfit is, as usual, so darling. Really lovin' the Alice shirt. (: and lucky you, those shoes are fab!!

  18. Susi: well I used to be blonde as a kid, but then I started dying it when I was fourteen so I have no idea what my actual haircolor is - some dark blond color, I guess!

    Vicki: whoa three weeks? Poor you! Mine went pretty well fortunately (: Good luck!

    Thank you so much for your comments everyone! They really make my day everytime I read them.


  19. The tights with the hole looks cool when paired with that frilly skirt. It keeps the look from being too pristine!

    It's so fun your hair gets blonder in the summer and I am curious to see your prom dress. Show us soon, please :)

    B from A plus B

  20. Love the shoes & shirt! Alice has always been my fav. I still watch the videotape of the first disney cartoon sometimes!

  21. I’m in love with this outfit! First of all how can a girl ever resist a ballerina skirt? Then add to that an Alice t-shirt and it just gets better and better.
    I only have one person who I can shop with like this- my sister. No one else can keep up. Your shopping friend must be a true gem. I will have to invite myself shopping with you next time I’m in Amsterdam (we try to come once a year to visit friends but I never really get to shop as they have a two year old boy who would rather be in the park.)
    Can’t wait for the prom outfit...

  22. you are incredibly gorgeous! i love your room, all the posters and such :) the tulle skirt & bow socks are beyond adorable! oh and i'm so jealous of your amazing hair ♥

  23. Such pretty hair! Love your over the knee socks, so cute!


  24. o je bent gewoon NL haha, nouja ik volg je!

  25. gorgeous outfit and shoes! Great style.

  26. Those are the cutest shoes ever!!!! The tights-long socks combination is so stylish...What a fun outfit..Kisses sweetie and have a great day:)

  27. I saw recently Alice and I'm not so into it...

  28. You so beautiful..

    I freaked out when I saw that alice shirt. I LOVE IT. the look is so sweet ^^

    xxx kissmequick

  29. I love the color of your skirt and your tights!

  30. Great skirt, and I love those oxfords!

  31. wat een leuke post! leuke outfits heb je aan :D
    die schoenen zijn van een winkeltje hier in Enschede, -waar ik de naam niet van weet sorry- h maar hij zit niet ergens anders in NL t is een plaatselijk winkeltje denk ik

  32. i love the shoes!

    have a wodnerful weekend :)

    xo Alsion

  33. I adore the first skirt, nothing like a good crinoline!

  34. Fantastic outfit and your room (anyway this part which I can see on photos ;)) is so awesome!