zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Je chante les flots et je chante les fleurs, je fais des bouquets avec tous les nuages

Laïs - Serenade Portugaise. The perfect song for a summer evening.
Oh, summer has really kicked in, finally! This should be the cue for lots and lots of summery afternoons, ice cream, swimming in the sea and floaty dresses, but instead I'm way too busy working, as usual. It's such a drag to stand in an airconditioned shop up to eleven hours per day, trying to sell clothes you think are ugly to people you think are annoying, while outside everyone is freely walking around wearing shorts and tank tops.

But times will change! I'm going to Paris with my boy next week, and I'm looking forward to it so much, I smile every time I think about it. After that I'm home for a week (in which they'll surely punish me at work for having the nerve to go on holiday by planning me in for six days straight) and then I'm off to Sweden with my family for two and a half weeks! We're staying in a house in the countryside in a tiny place close to Örkelljunga, with no big cities closer then two hours away, so I'll definitely get a break from all the fuss there. (Fortunately Göteburg and Malmö aren't terribly far away, because I'm a city person at heart!) We're also staying in Kopenhagen for a few days. In short, I have enough to look forward to, and that makes everything bearable! And, of course, I'm still doing enough fun stuff like laying around in parcs to balance out all this working:
I also managed to squeeze in some shopping time (I'm balancing on the verge of being shopaholic I think, but hey, who can resist when it's sale everywhere? I'm doing my best for the economy) where I bought this adorable little tee. It reminds me of the things children wore in the 70's (to be exact, it reminds me of the things children wore in the Pippi-tv series from the 70's); it's a really vintage-like fabric and it has buttons on the shoulders. I bought it in a store in Alkmaar, where they sell all these cute retro-style clothes. (Voor de Alkmaarders: Pepito Bonita op 't Fnidsen). 
 I also found a cute skirt at Mango with 50% off, which I'm definitely going to wear in Paris, so you'll see it soon enough! So anyway, I've been rambling for long enough now - enjoy your week, loveliest readers!

p.s. oh yeah, the clothes: in the first set of pictures I'm wearing a Primark top and Zara shorts and my boyfriend's sunglasses which he bought at the New Yorker, and in the second set I'm wearing a tee from Who's That Girl? and H&M denim shorts.

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  1. paris, sweden and denmark? you lucky bastard! have a nice trip, darling ;)

  2. These pictures are so beautiful and summery, you look lovely!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. It's so in the spirit of The Virgin Suicides.

  4. You look so beautiful. I want to see more :)
    I follow you, beauty :-*

  5. love your red striped shirt! beautiful pictures!


  6. you are brilliant at creating the prettiest posts. I love your outfits.
    Lucky girl, i wish i had the chance to travel around europe like you!!
    enjoy par-eeeee, it is the most beautiful place in the world!

  7. Nice photos :) kisses from France,

    Olivia & Mariam


  8. Wow, I love these pics. You look great and you're beautiful!

  9. you're traveling to paris! oh you lucky little girl! i can't wait to see the photos you come home with...and amazing french finds!


  10. you are so beautiful dear! Working in the summer does suck :/ But going to Paris? I'm jealous! I wish you the best time there. Take lots of photos and hang out at all the cafe's.

  11. Haha, indeed, this shirt reminds me of Pippi too! :D I likeeee =)

    Oh and how I envy you: France, Sweden, Denmark!!! GOSH!!! Take me with you!!!

    Lovely pictures, Kim <3 Plus, super lovely room!!!

  12. pretty pictures! it's very 60s:)