dinsdag 29 juni 2010

paris, paris, paris

We're leaving for Paris tomorrow morning! I'll report back in five days with loads and loads of pictures. Au revoir mes chèries x

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  1. you are absolutely the most adorable couple! I hope you have a fantastic time!!

  2. this is the sweetest post.
    i hope you have a lovely time,
    indulgence, sight-seeing, macaroon eating, wine drinking.
    envy envy.
    Your bf is working the french chic look i must say.
    have fun.lots of pictures please !!!

  3. Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to see pictures ...

  4. Ah, young love...
    Have a fab time hon. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Thank you for dropping by at my blog, I really appreciate it! You look beautiful too! These photos are so romantique!!!

    Bon Voyage a Paris!

  6. thanx for your lovely comment!!my outfit was also definitley too hot!!and i look over your blog and i don't thing, your outfit are so unexciting you said..you've really a cool and special style!!

  7. Wat een schattige foto's!!
    Veel plezier in Paris!

  8. this is a lovely post
    have fun in paris!!

    have a great day
    do follow my blog if you like
    little miss fhenny


  9. I can't wait to see your pictures! I might be going next summer--emphasis on the "might"!

    Regarding your comment on my blog, you know, some people think red, white, and blue clash, but I think they look perfect together! Much better than orange anything. :D

  10. wat heb je een superleuke vriend! ;)