zaterdag 1 mei 2010

we give away perfect boots for free

Yesterday was Queensday, which is always paired with a widespread flea market and a lot of music and noise. I somehow always find the best stuff at this flea market - last year I found a great pair of high-waisted shorts and this year I found.... these.

They're exactly what I was looking for, and when I asked the lady who was selling them how much they cost, she looked at her husband and he said: "One euro."
One euro! For the most perfect shoes in the world! Okay, they're exactly one size too small, but I figured that if I can walk in heels all day, I can definitely squeeze my feet into these. They came with the original box and it said they had once cost 199,- (the brand is Manfield). And my day was brightened even more when I found these on the Topshop site. They are nearly identical (they also came in brown before) to mine, but exactly sixty-five times as expensive.
I also bought a cute little book from the 1920s with English love poems, but more on that later - I have two weeks to go until my final exams, eep! The end of high school is near, which is a fairly frightening prospect, to be honest. But first I'll have to cram a ton of books into my head in fourteen days!

14 opmerkingen:

  1. :O WHAT!? one euro? i'm SO jealous!!!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. Oh I like m, especially cuz they look kinda worn. Real.

  3. Wow! One Euro is very cheap for those boots.
    That's a lucky find!

  4. wow, dat is echt super nice:D

    Ik heb ook een paar leuke spulletjes gekocht, ook twee tasjes voor 2 euro echt leer!


  5. wat mooi! en echt een koopje, ik heb dezelfde schoentjes ooit gekocht in een tweedehands winkeltje (maar dan 10 euro, wajo ik voel me afgezet haha), alleen die zijn juist te groot waardoor ik me een beetje pippi langkous voel als ik ze draag, haha. maar jouwe zijn echt mooi!

  6. gave schoenen!

  7. those shoes are wonderful and amazing, and oh my goodness that is the best feeling in the world to get something that amazing for practically nothing! Thanks for your darling comment on my blog!, yes platform 93/4 is magical!!

  8. I can't believe that!!! So jeolous!!!

    They are so vintage-chic!!!

  9. I have a very similar pair of boots and I wear them pretty much constantly in fall/winter. Excellent use of 1 euro!

  10. ..great great pictures of cute booties : ) oh , I wish I could get that book in my hands - I love poems ..


  11. I love it.
    And yes, I will take more photos with my new haircut. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

  12. Holy crap, what a find!!! They ARE perfect!! Good luck with your exams too, I can't be bothered studying anymore! <3