woensdag 19 mei 2010

ranting and rambling

1. I attempted to make outfit shots today, but it just didn't work. I should wait until after my exams before trying to not look like I need some sleep, I think. The one above is the only picture that turned out remotely good.

2. The weather is so odd - it appears to be the sunniest of days when you look out the window, but when you step outside, it's very cold and windy and I just hate the climate in this country and wish I was in Paris already, where it's 20 degrees (the ideal temperature when you're in a city, in my opinion) and very sunny. Yes, I'm talking about the weather on my blog. It's what happens when you haven't got anything interesting going on.

3. I had my Art History exam today, and it was a bit weird - it featured people dancing in sticks, an opera in scary devil masks and Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds - but it went well, I think.

4. I want to go blonde! Haha, don't worry, I'm not suddenly going to show up here with white hair - I actually hate the look of bleached platinum blonde hair. But my hair always turns a bit lighter in the summer, what with all the UV-rays and the salt of the sea, and now I'm opting for a little bit more - I discovered something called "Spray Blonde" on the bathroom shelf that should gradually make your hair lighter over the course of a few weeks, which is ideal because I'm a bit scared of the effects of hydrogen peroxide. So that'll be a nice little experiment! I want it to turn out a bit like this:
(And yes, I did totally steal this picture from the H&M online shop.)

5. I saw A Roman Holiday for the second time a few days ago, and oh I just love it. I want to walk in to a barber's shop in London, sit down in the chair and demand that the barber chop it 'All off.'  'All off?' 'All off.'

6. Why is it that always when you're broke, suddenly every shop starts selling such appealing stuff? When I went to the local mall to buy bread and milk and the ELLE, I made a little round through the normally completely dull shops, and what did I find? Completely Marie-Antoinette-worthy, adorable underwear at Hunkemöller. The sweetest floral sundresses for €10 at C&A (?!?). Even Hema (for you non-Dutch readers, that's this über-Dutch warehouse where you normally buy things like plates and pastries and sensible underwear) suddenly sold the sweetest cropped cardigans in cream and pale pink? Oh, so annoying! Luckily I will be able to deal with all my shopping frustrations by going shopping for my prom dress, two weeks from now. Yay!

7. Speaking of prom dresses, I've been doing a little research (okay, I mean that several hours that should have been filled with study-related stuff, were spent looking at dresses in every online shop I could find) and turns out I'm leaning heavily towards lace, poofy skirts, and pastel colours. The prom is vaguely 50's-themed (though I'm sure half of the people attending don't actually realize what's meant by 1950's so they'll just assume they mean 50 Cent and turn up in their sluttiest minidress) so that allows me to wear the daintiest dress, biggest petticoat and reddest lipstick I can find. Oh, I can't wait! 

8. This list has been sufficiently long. All of you that are currently suffering from exam stress - good luck! And for the rest of you - have a very nice week!

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  1. ..I think you look great in the picture , the trousers / or leggings / can't understand , looks very interesting ..well , it's always like that , when money is spent there is everything you want : ) also for me all the beauty products finishing at the same time , you know .. ; )

    I constantly have thoughts about changing something about my hair ..I know what you mean by white bleached hair : )

    Have a great day ; )

  2. I totally agree when it comes to the weather! Arr*** so ugly. It's raining cats and dogs in my area. When comes the sun???

    You are almost blonde - so just try it. To my mind it'd look good on you.

    A Roman Holiday!!! Yay, this is my absolutely one and only fav movie ever!!!

    Good luck with the next upcoming exams =)

  3. I am with you on that one,the weather is really odd.The picture came out really nice,artistic and I love your blazer and the ring. About the prom,I really hope people don't think about 50 Cent and dress up as a rapper/back up dancer :)) that would be akward.Good luck to you too on your exams.
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  4. 1. I am excited to see where you will get your prom dress. If I could do mine over, I would. I just bought a typical shiny, long dress. Sheesh.

    3. I know what you mean, when I have allowance I usually can't find a decent thing in stores to save my life. I usually end up buying something I don't really love just because I have money to spend. Then regret it later. Ha :P

    B of A plus B

  5. Your outfit post turned out great! Have fun at prom (-:

  6. roman holiday is one my fav movies ever !ah, iwant to be audrey hepburn ;)

  7. keep trying on the outfit posts, you'll get there!
    great inspiration
    thanks for sharing and for the sweet comments!


  8. 50's prom? How fun! Such a great excuse to buy a giant poofy vintage dress. I don't know what my prom theme was. Probably something much lamer like "Country Hoedown".

  9. hello! thanks for stopping bY me.
    great post. i bet youd look great as a blonde though.
    hope youre having a nice weekend

    xx ediot

  10. well, I think that first picture is sweet :))
    About your hair, I just did that haha it's not really blond, it's... idk how to explain haha, you can see it in my blog

  11. Windy days are the absolute worst, at least when it's raining staying inside sounds appealing. But when it's super sunny the last thing I want to do is stay inside but wind is unbearable to me!

    Anyways, I love the button up and I think you look fabulous.

  12. Ooh you would look lovely as a blonde! But you're right, nothing too washed out. (: I'm excited for your prom dress! I'm sure you'll pick something exquisite. <3

  13. I think you'll look really pretty blonde! Good luck with your exams!


  14. The weather is crazy....and your hair looks great and the outfit...so cute!
    Good luck with the exams and have a wonderful day, sweetie!

  15. I don't know why, but I like white hair more than blonde.

    Good luck with exams.

  16. really beautiful photo

    love the blog!


  17. Prachtig je outfit en de sfeer vd foto ook!

  18. lovely outfit! you look classy


    Kisses from Atlanta!

  19. i actually think you would look really good blonde! But you look amazing brunette as well! Hey I don't think you are following me... :-)

  20. Thank you for the comment!
    I agree with so many things on this list! The scene where Audrey cuts off all her hair is my favorites, it must've felt so liberating. & when I have some spare money I can never find anything I really want but the complete opposite when I'm broke.
    I love your outfit photo and your blog. Have a great weekend :)

  21. ooh i love roman holiday! such a gorgeous movie, especially since it stars audrey hepburn, who i love, love, love :) have a lovely weekend ♥

  22. Oh, I just love Roman Holiday! I have it on DVD and put it on at least once every 6 months. A skirt like Audrey’s would be perfect for a 50’s themed prom! I’m thinking vintage here...

    And here in the Middle East we are complaining about the heat. If only we could find a happy medium.

  23. I've always wanted to see Roman Holiday. My friend says it's one of her favorite films...I must see it now!


  24. i've been getting the itch to go blonde too! but i don't think it's gonna happen... much too extreme for my dark hair. i'm always changing my mind anyway ;)

  25. i have roman holiday on my netflix queue right now!

    and great blog.