dinsdag 4 mei 2010

one spring morning

this beautiful song is from Rogue's Gallery, a cd produced by Johnny Depp with pirate- and sailor-themed songs. It's incredible.

So, what does one do to unwind after a day of intensively cramming facts about the Vietnam war into your brain? Of course. You put on a striped top and a red skirt and go stand in front of the closet. I bought this top during lunch break at work (so convenient to work practically next to a H&M Divided); it's the seventh striped tee I own. I don't know why I keep buying them, but they just seem so now but at the same time, very basic and timeless. And anyway, it was only €5!
Something very exciting happened: I bought train tickets for a trip to Paris with my boyfriend! I've been to Paris two times before and it's my favourite city in the world; going there with him should make it even more perfect. We'd planned it for some time but when my computer screen said the (non-refundable) tickets were paid, it was somehow real. Now we only have to book a hotel; I found a cute one in Montmartre. Oh I'm really looking forward to it, I hope it'll be very sunny and warm when I'm there.

H&M striped tee, my mum's skirt, thrift store scarf, Topshop necklace, the belt was a gift from my sister.

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  1. Heerlijke outfit! Die riem in combinatie met dat riempje is echt geweldig!

    + Oh, en als ik te creatief ben, ben jij te lief, haha!

  2. Paris! Yay :D, haha that's practicly all I can say, that rhimes. Uhm, nice outfit :D

  3. wat een leuk outfitje! en parijs is zo leuk! ik ga er ook heen, deze zomer :) can't wait!
    ik ga naar het bevrijdingsconcert in zoetermeer. ga jij nog ergens heen?

  4. ahhh I love this outfit! thanks for the comment about the abandoned house! I'm glad you like it maybe i will post more pictures :)

  5. :O J'adore! De combinatie polkadotzwart-streepblauw-en rokjesrood is helemaal fantastisch :]

  6. gosh you're pretty :D
    love the stripes!
    thanks for the sweet comment!
    stop back soon :) xx

  7. so happy for you about going to paris :)

    my boots are from a shop here in Aus called Rubi, and they were only $20!

  8. Heel erg leuke outfit!
    Veel plezier in Parijs.. :)

  9. bedankt voor je reactie :)!

    Ik wou eerst wel wat met fotografie doen maar daar kom ik denk ik niet zo ver mee, dan moet ik echt naam maken etc.
    Maar ik wil graag bij een modeblad werken later, misschien kom fotografie daar nog wel bij, wie weet :D

    nice dat je naar Parijs gaat, veel plezier daar!:) xoxoxoxo

  10. You look so sweet in these pictures.
    I love your striped top.

  11. Why are you so pretty? :D

    I like your style hun plus you such an adorable closet! I am a follower now =)

  12. aahw dankjewel! kopenhagen lijkt mij ook onwijs gaaf! staat ook echt op mijn (denkbeeldige!) to-do list. haha

  13. Hai! Nee hij is niet van de zara! Ik heb het gekocht in frankrijk op de markt:) en ik denk wel dat ik weet wat voor jurkje je bedoelt! Daar zitten knoopjes op toch?:) die zocht ik eerst namelijk maar toen zag ik mijn jurkje en toen dacht ik meenemen!! :D

  14. I stayed here while I was in Paris last time, it couldn't be more of a perfect location


    Hope you have a lovely trip, I've only been to Paris twice as well, but I adore the city. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog btw ♥

  15. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog :3. Btw, the follow button is situated on the sidebar :D
    Anyway, just popped in here and I just HAVE to tell you!
    I really really like your blog :)!

    Wow, Paris sounds so exciting! I've been there 4 times before, but I still get excited about it :D


  16. You have such a pretty looking house :)

    Love this top and the necklace is just GORGEOUS too !!

    Char x

  17. A fellow stripe addict! Hurray! Now we can support each other through our addiction. Ooh, and I’m so impossibly green about your Paris trip. You have to go to Kiliwatch. It’s my favorite vintage shop in the whole wide world.

  18. I love your top so much!! Really cute.

  19. ..hello Girlie ..wow ..Paris ; I never been but I really want to go there one day and enjoy the city , the food , the french croissants : )
    Great pictures , you look great , I loke the blue belt , it makes your outfit stand out because of the colour ..and I also notice the little cute bags hanging in your wardrobe - they are so cute ..
    Have a great weekend : )

    Ellinelle xxx

  20. ..and thank you for taking your time on my blog : ))) I really appreciate that ..big smiles from me ; )))

  21. Great outfit! Great tee! Thank you for your comment on my blog! So nice of you and I hope to see you again! I will be back for sure!
    Have a great weekend:)

  22. Very very cute!!! Dressing up is my all time favorite waster of time- especially when I want to de-stress about something!

    ...in fact, I do believe you have just stirred up my craving for a little closet action....

    love, rudi

  23. beautiful top i like those stripes looks cool

  24. Gorgeous. I love Paris very jelous

  25. Hi,

    Cute blog!

    I have a new fashion blog! I would love you to have a look and be a new follower.

    Hope to see you soon.

  26. btw that nail polish was a really cheap one from a dodgy market! its like an OPI rip off :)

  27. I want to go to Paris again so much! Lucky you.

    Nice tee.

  28. + wat betreft het naaien:
    het is gewoon een kwestie van proberen! als je een leuk idee en een leuk stofje hebt moet je er gewoon eerst voorzichtig een model in maken met speldjes of het ontwerp eerst in een afvalstof maken! als het idee je bevalt, gooi je het onder de naaimachine en: tadaa! (je kan natuurlijk ook beginnen met een patroon uit de burda of knip)

  29. Nice outfit! Je hebt trouwens een hele leuke blog!