dinsdag 1 februari 2011

thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes

leonard cohen - famous blue raincoat

I'm wearing my new shirt, which has a bicycle on it. The fact that it is a bicycle (and that it has French text underneath, as well) is enough to make me love it. The text says 'Moi et ma bicyclette jusqu'à la fin de monde', no idea if the French is actually correct, but it's sort of cute.

I've also participated in a very interesting and cool project which involves bird songs, that I'm very excited to tell you about... but more on that later!

(I really have to come up with a different photo face/pose instead of the awkward hair grasp/angry scowl... hehe)

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Can't wait to hear about the exciting project, and I love your outfit! That t-shirt encompasses two of the cutest things-french and bicycles!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I love your shirt! Don't get rid of the angry scowl and hair clasping! So excited to hear about your next project :-)

  3. Awesome outfit!
    Ik vind je rokje en je shirtje echt heel erg leuk!

  4. ik hou juist zo van de awkward hair grasp/angry scowl.
    fijn rokje ook!

  5. Echt heeeel leuk dat fiets tshirtje! Je ziet er zo "lentes" uit :) liefs

  6. super foto's en mooir rok:)

    ben benieuwd naar t project, pas leuk bij je blognaam!

    die schoenen lopen wel lekker, alleen soms doen ze pijn a.d zijkanten maar dat loop je wel uit denk ik.

    de film was qua kostuums heel mooi! het verhaal zelf vond ik zo raar! het was een halve horrorfilm hahah achteraf is hij echt psycho


  7. i love your facial expression! you are very pretty, and you have amazing bone structure

    the bicycle top is pretty freaking awesome

    check me out!


  8. Your outfit is so cute dear!

  9. This post is lovely and what a sweet little outfit! I am so excited to find out about this bird song project! Sounds wonderful :)

  10. you are so pretty! I love the bicycle top with the skirt!

  11. This outfit is SO lovely! I adore your tee. I'm pretty sure the French is correct, i think it says "me & my bicycle until the end of the world"- so cute!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm glad to have discovered yours. ^_^

  12. You are stunning! Love this outfit dear!

  13. Wauw, ik hou van joun manier van scrijven! een leuke blog heb je, met een leuk sfeertje!