maandag 3 januari 2011

the weight of my words

kings of convenience - the weight of my words

I'm sort of done with winter now - the snow has melted away and it's become warmer, which is making me long for flowers and sun instead of ice and clouds. So I put together a spring-y outfit and played around with vintage-looking filters in Photoshop.

Oh and I bought this hat yesterday at H&M! I love how everyone looks at you friendlier when you're wearing a hat (no idea why, but it's true!)
 I love these tights, but unfortunately I ruined them the very first time I wore them - there's a huge hole in the back. I just can't be trusted around fragile tights.
Of course, I couldn't wear an outfit like this outside. If I wanted to, my getting-out-of-the-door ritual would go something like this:

(except that, realistically, I would be wearing two pairs of thick tights and some sturdy lace-up boots. But where's the fun in that?)

16 opmerkingen:

  1. I think I need to try wearing hats if people look at you friendlier x

  2. Really cute skirt! And too bad those tights broke! I had the same problem with mine haha!

  3. I love this! The cute tights give a whole new quirky dimension, and that skirt is so cute!

    Rosie x

  4. Hey Kim,

    Geweldig dat laatste plaatje die wisselt! ;)
    leuke outfit ook! ;)

    liefs Sharon

  5. the tights are really sexy. Seriously - hot! Well I'd look at you friendlier too if I saw you with such a lovely hat ^^

    love, kimi

  6. I love the mix of patterns in your outfit, its just great! also the fur coat is fabulous i have been looking for one where is it from?

  7. I love your hat! And a spring-y dress, too :)
    I miss spring soooo much..

  8. This outfit is so pretty! Love it!
    I'm really bad with tights too. (':

  9. love the mix of prints. i'm terrible with delicate tights i have a dog that loves to jump on me :)

  10. Hihi super leuk, ik krijg ook zo'n zin in de lente... Daarom koop ik lentekleren in de solden! Jammer van die kousen, ze zijn net zo mooi. Maar ja, ik heb net hetzelfde gedaan met mijn bolletjeskousen... Ze maken dat ook veel te fragiel hé! Liefs

  11. I want a pair of tights like those so badly. In fact, I kind of want your whole outfit.

  12. wat leuk is je kamer geworden! (het is alweer een tijdje geleden dat ik in de "blogwereld" was) heb dan ook een nieuw blog aangemaakt!
    maar weer trouwe volgeling hoor haha ;)


  13. Me encantan las medias, menudo arreón tienes!