zondag 28 november 2010

domestic goddess

When we went dubstepping on Friday, one of my best friends wore this blouse in white with only a bra underneath, and I thought it looked awesome so I'm blatantly copying her! I probably wouldn't go to class wearing this, but it suits the Sophia Loren 'domestic goddess'-theme quite well. And in this theme I can also showcase my kitchen once again, with Christmas lights and all. I'm still exceptionally happy in my own little place, although I wasn't quite so glad when I tried to sleep yesterday and someone in the building was having a party and the music was making my bed tremble. Ah well, serves me right for staying in on Saturday night instead of going out like a normal student!

vrijdag 26 november 2010


My hair is red, and shorter. I don't like the shortness, but I do like the red! Now I'm going to a dinner party and then I'm going out :)

woensdag 17 november 2010

the harbor at my door, and an abundance of jackets

So far I'm quite enjoying winter! It's really, really cold and foggy outside, which wakes up some sort of grizzly bear-like winter sleep instinct in me. So I huddle up under the blankets as often as I can (preferably with a certain goodlooking blonde-haired boyfriend), go outside only if I must and in my cute but not very feminine padded parka, and put up my first Christmas decorations. Yes, I'm disgustingly homely come winter times.

During one of those rare days when the temperature outside is actually bearable, me and the previously mentioned blonde-haired boy went out into the harbor near my home (near actually means 'near' here, I can see the ships from my room) and made pictures of me in my new mid-length skirt. As you might have noticed unless you live under a rock with no internet reception, mid length is so back it might never go away any more, and I love it. So this look was inspired by the gorgeous Louis Vuitton A/W10 show (see the full show here, or head over to Selina's blog for her inspiring post on mid-lengths), but halfway through I got quite cold and put on my jacket, and then I decided to try my boy's new trenchcoat on for good measure. Here we go:

lace panel dress: h&m /// skirt: vintage (lady day) /// belt: pieces /// brogues: manfield /// blue jacket: h&m /// men's trenchcoat: zara

Here you can see where I live!

zaterdag 6 november 2010

down by the riverside

agnes obel - riverside

One of the best parts about the cold? Being able to wear my Norwegian jumper! I found it in a vintage shop in Amsterdam last week, when I was shopping with my sister - all these vintage stores here are reaaally getting on my budget.

dinsdag 2 november 2010

and thus we create dreams

It's november! Which marks the start of the festive part of winter (everything pre-New Year's Eve), full of candlelight, lots of good food, snow and ice and knitted jumpers, as opposed to the depressing part of winter (January till March), in which I want nothing more than to hole up in bed with a stack of books - I accidentally wrote 'booze', which is equally effective - until my winter depression is over. But to celebrate the fact that it's now officially time to embrace the cold, here is what currently inspires me - not specifically winter-related: red hair, illustrations, lingerie, strolls outside, knitwork, beautiful girls, vintage-inspired interiors...

 emma watson by ellen von unwerth


note: I'm absolutely terrible at recording image's sources, so if there's in image here that belongs to you, please let me know and I'll put up a caption!