zondag 15 augustus 2010

les cheveux

 this was on the balcony in Sweden - I'm wearing a summer dress I bought there, plus my new overknee socks. Sadly, you can't tell they're overknee

 Every once in a while, I get this sort of itch. It's an itch that says: I should change my hair. This happens about once every six months, and most times, it means that I'm about to dye it a different color. It started out with me going from dirty blonde to light brown, at fourteen. Not a major change, but it was at the time. The change felt so good that I started dyeing or changing my hair every once in a while, but now my hair has been the same long, blond mess for way too long - I haven't been to a hairdresser for nearly a year, and it's starting to show in my very dry ends. Furthermore, due to lack of sun, the light parts are now growing out like mad and dark roots aren't a very chique look. The problem is that by now, my hair has been nearly every color possible with my skin tone (and a few shades that didn't quite match my skin), so I don't quite know where to go next. Here is what my hair looked like in brown and red:

And here's how it looks right as I'm typing this: (I look a bit looney-eyed, but okay)

 Note: this is the best it ever looks. Normally, it looks worse - less volume, limp, and sort of boring. I just took it out of a ponytail, so it has some volume, but normally it's a lot flatter.

So, I was interested to know: what do you think I should do? Keeping it exactly as it is might be difficult, because of the dark outgrowth and the very dry ends, so I'll have to cut off a bit anyway. I also think it's starting to look a bit ordinary, maybe - there are so many girls with this type of long blonde hair. But should I cut off a big piece, or just a bit? Dye it brown, or my natural colour, or red, or reddish brown, or make it blonder? Change my entire hairstyle - like, cut it down to shoulder-length, or maybe cut a fringe? I'd love to hear all your thoughts on this, because I'm quite lost!

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  1. Dankje voor je reactie! Ik ben inderdaad Vlaams ^^

    Dat blond staat je echt keimooi, en je stijl + blog is echt superfantastisch, die outfit met dat rode jasje wauw <3

  2. 'k zou het niet per se verven, want het staat heel mooi en 't is een aparte kleur blond. Ik zou gewoon een rechte pony laten knippen, denk dat dat ook heeel tof zou staan.

  3. Your hair is so beautiful no matter what color! So jealous...it looks so cute :] I think you should keep it the same, the long waves are so pretty!


  4. Thanks for stopping by kim! I love your hair...I'm leaning towards the darker look... but blond is lovely too!

  5. Hmmm, I think I like you with the dark brown hair actually. I think because I've been a blonde or strawberry blonde pretty much my whole life, dark hair always seems really exotic to me.
    As far as the cut goes, I find a longish side swept fringe is really versatile. You can wear it as a fringe or tucked back behind your ear.
    And can I also just say that dress in the first picture is so so lovely.

  6. I love your hair the way it is now!But if you change it I think you should dye it red again! I loved it red!!

  7. pretty dress in the first photo! you should get a chin length bob, that would look gorgeous on you. but i'm sure anything will look great. xo

  8. You're gorgeous!! I loveee your dress in that first picture. And I think I really like your hair dark brown.

  9. Really enjoy your blog,
    very cool posts and cool photos.
    Will be back again for sure!

    Hope you can check mine out if you get the time :)


  10. Thanks for your sweet words!
    We really love your summer look!
    Great floral dress too.
    Follow our blog :)

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  11. You are so lucky to be able to pull off so many colors! I am leaning towards red or brown. Don't cut it though! Wouldn'y you miss having long hair?

    Bea from A plus B

  12. Yes, exact St tropez it is the chic of the chic, that's awesoooome all the same!
    Store wouha it is magifique! Can be that one day one will cross! ^. ^
    I also cross of very good holidays low! ♥

  13. Yes! I love you with red hair! I love you with every other color as well! Are you going to dye it red then?

  14. Your hair looks awesome! I liked it in red as well :)

  15. Beautiful dress! I just had similar feelings about my hair, as I so often do. I had it dyed darker from dark blond(natural color) to dark brown...big mistake. But it's just hair right?
    I think you would look really chic with shaggy bangs.

  16. Oh I get the same way! I was reading an article the other day that basically said 'It's just hair. It will grow back. If you want to change it - then just go for it. It'll always grow back'. It's a good philosophy, I think.

  17. i feel this way right now! i just NEED a change! but luckily you look good with basically all hair colors so i would say my favorite is dark and maybe a fringe?!