maandag 19 april 2010

doublement rouge

I've been thinking lately that this blog may give quite a bad impression of me - because it's a style blog, all I write about are things like clothes and makeup, and I never really have anything interesting to say about life or things that actually matter. While it's true that caring that much about appearances is shallow, I don't actually perceive liking fashion as superficial. I think the way you dress is a form of art and while there's definitely more that I care about apart from fashion, it is the part of me I'm most comfortable sharing. Still, when you see post after post in which I'm flaunting all these clothes I have and trying to twist my face into the most flattering position I can manage, I might come across as this really shallow-brained person whose only thoughts are about what she'll put on tomorrow and who likes to pout prettily when she looks into the mirror.

But fact is, I just like to take photos. And I like to shop. I feel like when I'm wearing something nice, I create this world of my own in which only good things can happen - like I'm in a movie or something. I also love to draw, read books and kiss my boyfriend. I like the smell of fresh laundry, my favourite food is pasta salad and when I'm cycling home late at night, I sometimes sing very loudly. I believe in fate. When I feel confident, I put on red lipstick; when I feel insecure, I put on lots of eyeliner. I love it when a boy has freckles. I once nearly broke my back in P.E. when I was fourteen and am suspicious of anything gymnastics-related ever since. I haven't traveled much in my life; the only faraway country I've visited is India. I'm good at doing accents. I like to go out and dance, but I can also suddenly become very tired when I'm out and just want to go home. I listen to music all the time. I love being in love.

And so the I'm-really-not-shallow-post has turned into a post in which I introduce myself. Seeing as this is a fairly new blog, that's quite appropriate, right?

If you'd like to tell me some things about yourself too, I'd love that. Who are you? What are your likes and dislikes? Do you sometimes sing at night, too? I'd really love to know.

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  1. I should do a post on this as well! Nobody really knows who I am!

    I am Savannah Burton
    I am 13
    I am in the 7th grade
    I am socially awkward
    I have been dancing for 11 years
    I have been playing guitar for 3 and I half years
    I have a passion for reading
    I have trouble expressing my feelings in a productive, unharmful way.
    I enjoy writing
    crying (don't ask me why.)
    being alone
    listening to music
    playing music
    singing opera (though i am the worst singer of all time. I just love doing it. Singing opera removes all of my bad energy.)
    climbing trees
    horse back riding
    playing with my ears..
    day dreaming
    night dreaming :-)
    getting dressed
    trying to yank out my stupid hair
    petting pretty cats
    wishing I were a bird
    making fairy villages out of leaves and other nature stuff...
    I can't think of anything else right now.. but some day i will post about it..
    crap this is long :-)

  2. Yeah you should definitely do a post like this (: It's wonderful to read! Haha you like playing with your ears?