zondag 29 augustus 2010

paris, july 2010

And suddenly, autumn's here. Right now, it's been raining for twenty-four hours, it's storming and I haven't seen a patch of blue sky in a week. What better moment to flip through the pictures of my Paris trip, and dream of blue skies, twelve hours of sunshine a day, and tropical temperatures?
The black-and-white pictures were made by my boyfriend, who used the ancient analog camera that one belonged to his grandfather - they're so good I think he should make this his profession, and I think they capture the lazy, romantic atmosphere perfectly. The pictures in color are made by me, with my then brand-new digital camera.

zondag 22 augustus 2010

It's the beat that my heart skips when I'm with you


My first year at University is starting in two weeks, I'm currently in love with this song, I'm still looking desperately for a room in Amsterdam, and I took my prom dress out for a stroll. Have a happy weekend everyone!
p.s. I was featured on a web site - look here! A lovely French lady came running behind me and Thomas one day when we were in Amsterdam, and she asked to take pictures of us for her project. I actually quite like how they turned out!

p.p.s I just finished rinsing and drying my hair - I dyed it brown! It's supposed to come out a light, reddish brown but right now it looks more like medium/dark golden brown to me... anyway, I'll see what it looks like in daylight tomorrow!

zondag 15 augustus 2010

les cheveux

 this was on the balcony in Sweden - I'm wearing a summer dress I bought there, plus my new overknee socks. Sadly, you can't tell they're overknee

 Every once in a while, I get this sort of itch. It's an itch that says: I should change my hair. This happens about once every six months, and most times, it means that I'm about to dye it a different color. It started out with me going from dirty blonde to light brown, at fourteen. Not a major change, but it was at the time. The change felt so good that I started dyeing or changing my hair every once in a while, but now my hair has been the same long, blond mess for way too long - I haven't been to a hairdresser for nearly a year, and it's starting to show in my very dry ends. Furthermore, due to lack of sun, the light parts are now growing out like mad and dark roots aren't a very chique look. The problem is that by now, my hair has been nearly every color possible with my skin tone (and a few shades that didn't quite match my skin), so I don't quite know where to go next. Here is what my hair looked like in brown and red:

And here's how it looks right as I'm typing this: (I look a bit looney-eyed, but okay)

 Note: this is the best it ever looks. Normally, it looks worse - less volume, limp, and sort of boring. I just took it out of a ponytail, so it has some volume, but normally it's a lot flatter.

So, I was interested to know: what do you think I should do? Keeping it exactly as it is might be difficult, because of the dark outgrowth and the very dry ends, so I'll have to cut off a bit anyway. I also think it's starting to look a bit ordinary, maybe - there are so many girls with this type of long blonde hair. But should I cut off a big piece, or just a bit? Dye it brown, or my natural colour, or red, or reddish brown, or make it blonder? Change my entire hairstyle - like, cut it down to shoulder-length, or maybe cut a fringe? I'd love to hear all your thoughts on this, because I'm quite lost!

maandag 9 augustus 2010

stolen roses

Here, you can take a look at my new dress. You can also take a look at what must be the messiest dressing table on the planet. I'm quite a messy person, there is always stuff lying everywhere in my room - clothes piling up, magazine cutouts and other paperwork everywhere, and there's a carpet made out of books next to my bed.
Anyway - I still have loads of things I would like to show you guys, like the Paris pictures, but that'll come in time. Now, I would just like to show you my new shoes:
Brown leather brogues from Manfield, and so comfortable I can't believe I never invested in a pair of these before. And that's my desk I'm standing on, another fine example of my messiness.

Oh, and something else - I am completely obsessed with Karen Elson's new album! She is, as you may know, a model and also Jack White's wife, and utterly stunning:

But that's not the most important - she makes such great music! You'll have to have a certain love (or tolerance) for folk to like it, but as I have loved folk music all my life, I adore her! I've been listening to her album over and over again. Just listen to Stolen Roses or The Ghost Who Walks (oh, and she looks so great in the second video!)

zondag 1 augustus 2010

eighteen hundred ninety-six

I've been back for almost a week now from my Scandinavian holiday, and I miss it so much! I made these photos on the porch of the neighbouring house in Sweden, which, judging by the sign over the door, dates from 1896. It's dangerously - but also beautifully - falling apart because the owners haven't taken proper care of it, which is a shame but also gives the house a sort of gothic appearance. At one time there was a thunderstorm going on in the evening, and you can probably imagine how spooky the house looked then!

I'm wearing a new skirt, from a shop called The Darling, in the Runstraat in Amsterdam. It's one of my favourite shops - they sell homemade cupcakes and dreamy, very affordable clothes (both vintage and new). It's like a candy shop that sells clothes, with a very girly and cute interior. Be sure to visit it if you're in Amsterdam! I'm also wearing my bowler hat from London and a dress with lace parts, from H&M.